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PointPark Prague D8, Hala DC03

Zdibsko 614, Klecany 250 67

Czech Republic


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Harimatec Czech, s.r.o. is a chemical company engaged in manufacture and sale of brazing and soldering materials. Organizationally it belongs to the Electronic materials business unit of its mother company HARIMA Chemicals Group in Japan.
Harimatec Czech's products serve mainly automotive and electronic markets and can be divided into two categories: brazing materials for aluminum heat exchangers and soldering materials for printed circuit boards.
Our customers are premier suppliers of Automotive & Electronics Industries based in Czech Republic as well as in other countries in Europe and around the world.
Our products are developed at the Central Reseach Laboratory in Japan using latest chemical engineering.
Raw materials (chemical substances and mixtures) are imported from suppliers in EU and Japan, and our products are manufactured with high quality control standard in our factory.
All business activities of Harimatec Czech (manufacture, storage and sale) are carried out in/from the company’s only facility in Czech Republic, near Prague in Klecany, located in the PointPark Prague D8, Hall DC03.


FEBRUARY 2007 Establishment of Harimatec Czech
JANUARY 2008 Completion of the factory & Installation of facilities
APRIL 2008 Temporary operation permission received (Start of production)
JANUARY 2009 Operation permission received (Start of Mass production)
OCTOBER 2010 Start production of Brazing Paste
APRIL 2012 Received "Excellent factory award" from Harima Chemicals Group
MAY 2012 ISO 9001 certificate acquired
MAY 2013 ISO 14001 certificate acquired
OCTOBER 2013 Start production of GSP (Lead-free solder paste for automobile)


About Harima Chemicals Group

Harima Chemicals Group is a chemical manufacturer built on products developed using pine chemical resources like rosin, fatty acids, turpentine and other materials all obtained from pine trees. We transform those key active ingredients obtained from pine trees into daily essentials.

Pine Chemicals

Our products are used in a wide range of fields from resin for printing ink, paints and adhesives, to emulsifier for synthetic rubber, chemicals for paper production, and solder used by automotive & electronic appliances. The list of indispensable everyday products, all derived in some way from the pine tree, is all around us.

  • Printed matter such as newspapers, books, catalogues and wrapping papers.
  • Paint used to coat buildings and cars.
  • Adhensives used for bookbinding and packing tape.
  • Synthetic rubber used in car tires.
  • Various paper-based goods including paperboard and cardboard.
  • Heat exchangers for automobiles.
  • Electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones.

And now with an international network spanning 32 manufacturing bases in 11 countries, we meet the needs of our customers all over the world.